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Prohibited Advertisement

LetGoThing.com has restrictions against the advertising of certain products and services as follows:

1. Liquor, alcohol, pub and related.

2. Gambling, casino and related.

3. Cigarette, tobacco, vape and related.

4. Unlicense loan provider and related.

5. Get-Rich-Quick Schemes.

6. Or any offensive that threatens the stability of religion, race and country.

LetGoThing.com reserves the right to update this list at any time.


1. You are solely responsible for the information submitted in terms of accuracy and factual validity.

2. LetGoThing.com has taken all steps, instructions and guidelines before displaying any data and information.

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5. You may use all information and share it with others as long as you provide credit or original source to our website.

Terms of Use

1. LetGoThing.com reserves the right to:

  • Edit or remove the unsuitable or inappropriate content, image and words.
  • Request company to edit and resend the advertisement
  • Reject and act as the final decision to any advertisement violate the Terms and Service.

2. Some links (links) found on this web are affiliate links to products or services that LetGoThing.com recommends. If you purchase something from this page, we will receive a commission from the sale at no extra cost to you.

3. Although recommended by LetGoThing.com, you are advised to do research and considerations before purchasing a product or service provided.

4. Never bank in/transfer money to somebody unless you are clear with the person/seller.

LetGoThing.com reserves the right to update this Terms of Service at any time.